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Ascending Spirit Field Ministry "Acting to preserve and sustain the lives of others"
Your Minister, Your Officiant
Rev. Anna is from right here is Madison Ohio. She was trained at the Universal life Church and Healing Center (now Phoenix Fire Church and Healing Center) in Irwin PA, Ordained through the Universal Life Church Headquarters in California where she also received her Doctorate in Religious Science. She is continued her education at the Universal life Church Seminary also in California, where she earned her Doctorate in Divinity completed her Master in Chaplaincy Studies. Ordination and registration credentials available upon request. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rev. A. M. Pohl is also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, a qualified Community Herbalist educated at the East West School of Herbology in California and an alumni of LCC Ohio major Vocal Music with minors, Public Speaking and Live Performance Art and Dance. To view her credentials and learn more about her achievements please see the menu above.
Your Marriage is one of the most important commitments you will achieve in your life.

Chaplain Anna M. Pohl

Make sure that it is not only personal and unique but that it truly represents the true intentions you want to create for your day and your life together.

Fees for your Wedding can be confusing. There may be special needs that you have that may change the cost of your ceremony. This list will give you a general idea where to start.

Basic Standard Ceremony ----- $200.00

Rehearsal ----- $ 50.00

--------------------------------------- Travel Expense ----- $ 50.00 for each 50 miles driven

All Ceremonies performed by the Chaplain include an In-Person Consultation, Creation of your Personalized Ceremony - including drafts and changes,25 miles of driving distance, Questionnaire, the Emergency Wedding Checklist and a Keep-sake Ceremony Copy, all available for you at no additional fee and you can always contact the Chaplain by phone and email anytime. (Note: Additional fees may apply for special circumstances) I look forward to working with you. Chaplain Anna M. Pohl Contact us today! 440-341-5004