The Oh My Gosh! Co.
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Performing Arts

How We Started Performing For You
“In 1970 I began bringing my special blend of performing arts experience to the public. I still have my first “show pic”. There I am part of the Studio Theater Dance Company about to run on stage. What am I doing? Fixing the costume of the child in front of me, I was 5 years old. Over my lifetime I've been privileged to work with some of the best in the entertainment business. Stage and gymnasium, outdoor or indoor, private, public, and corporate clients, charitable organizations, and special events all over the country, have given me a unique perspective on life and the arts. In 1991 I formally founded The Oh My Gosh! Co. to further present an original experience to a wider public. Along with the best entertainers, we work diligently to continue the influence of performing artists to entertain and enrich the community. Thank you for helping us do so.” Founder/Owner A.M. Pohl Info. Now? call 440-341-5004 Meet our Founder (click here)

The Goal of Performing Arts in Our Company.
No matter which of the arts you are part of, it is still surprising to see the incredible way the arts improve the quality of our lives and education. Though not always appreciated, it's known widely now, the impact that the arts have. From concentration to imagination, discipline to coordination, physical and spiritual wellbeing, the arts strengthen us and our relationships. The arts give us access to information about our cultural dynamics and history and bring along with them lessons in teamwork and community. Through our Performing Arts and Outreach Programs The Oh My Gosh! Co. focuses on keeping the highest standard of performance and education. Professionalism in fun is the key to our success. In so doing, we further the influence of the arts in society. This improves the wellbeing of groups and individuals of all ages and backgrounds. "There is a special place that a person opens up for a performer. It's an almost sacred place into which few are ever invited. We keep connected with people and respect those we perform for. Humanity is the best tool for the professional performer. These positive influences are why our individual and group efforts supporting the arts are such a vital part of the future of our society and our world. We feel privileged to be an organization participating in the growth of performing arts everywhere." Founder/Owner A. M. Pohl Help us help you! 440-341-5004 Learn about our Outreach project (click here)!

OH My Gosh! Co. Performing Arts Programs?
Find the instruction and programs offered from The Oh My Gosh Co. It is easy to identify the ones you're interested in. Don't forget to check out our Outreach Project! by clicking the menu above. Look at our Links page for more. Lectures, Workshops, Shows (click here) or call 440-341-5004

Further with the Oh My Gosh! Co.
Expanding and transforming over the years, we have introduced healing Arts, not for profit projects, and outreach programs to benefit communities, small businesses, seniors and children's groups and families all over the country. Nothing could have prepared us for what we have accomplished in combining these attributes to effect change. We've been amazed to see the effect they have on the wellbeing of others. As we continue to make available new and exciting ways for all people to experience quality performing and healing arts, I feel privileged to be involved in helping the public become happy human beings. Thank you for supporting the arts! Founder/Owner A. M. Pohl Find out more (click here) or call 440-341-5004

The beauty and inspirtation of the arts.