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Oh My Gosh! Personalities
It takes people... be successful. No one does it alone. Though the Oh My Gosh! Co. has no employees there are many people who work with us and inspire us to new hights. Meet or Owner/Founder A.M.Pohl below or call for a personal conversation now 440-428-2540
Anna with her nieces Sommer, right and Aileen,left.
Ain't they sweet! Meet Founder and Owner of The Oh My Gosh! co. A. M. Pohl *In the beginning*
Born in Germany in 1965 it was obvious that nothing about Anna was going to be mundane. Being raised in Northeast Ohio, she was drawn to the magic of live performance at early age and has been an entertainer since she was five years old. (Gene Kelly was her favorite back then) She studied with the prestigious Studio Theater and went on to study with many other reputable schools and private instructors. There were entertainers and artists in Anna's family. Her Mother played piano giving her a Love of music and her father was the hilarious storyteller influencing her throughout her life and career. But it was her Grandmother who was her biggest influence. Having been on the Ballroom circuit in the Big Band era, "Grama Flo" was a huge driving force in Anna's continuing to entertain throughout her childhood into her adulthood and beyond. As you can see left, she hasn't lost her Love of it all or her sense of humor. Read on to find out what happened next.
Anna *in the middle*
Anna has an extensive education. After her study as a child and high school she went to Lakeland Community College on scholarship. She has graduated from many schools and workshops all over the country. The most important being ye ol' school of hard knocks. “We're all green sometime and I worked through those times too”. She is schooled in a wide variety of arts including but not limited to vocal music and live performance (her majors) theater and dance (her minors) choreography, character acting, strolling performance, improvisation, mime and movement, the clowning arts (including make-up, costume, face and body art, balloon sculptur, storytelling and drug/saftey programs. Other specialties are public and motivational speaking, teaching and instruction of the arts and professional business promotion, sales and organization. In 1991 Anna created the Oh My Gosh! Co. to bring her special blend of performance art to the public on her terms. And now Anna lectures and instructs all over the country and continues to share her interactive performances, programs and shows.
Anna in the new millenium. *an interesting new beginning*
Much has changed since her first days dancing with her Grandmother. Her pet projects in the last 10 years have included the Cultural Enrichment program at the Beck center for the arts, the Education through the arts program with the city of Cleveland Ohio, and convention / event tours across the United States. She has expanded the company with her Health and Healing practice and education and continues to teach all over Ohio and the country. “It is small hop from performing for the public to helping to heal them.” In 1999 Anna expanded into the Healing Arts professionally. She was trained by Master Nancy Welch at the Universal Life Church and Healing Center in PA (now the Phenix Fire Center for Healing and Church), as Reiki practitioner (see the menu above for more info on Reiki). Anna is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. She is also a Certified Royal Master of Astro-Numero Translation. She was trained and certified by the creator of the art *Midre* who is a uppity 85 year young matriarch and expert in many metaphysical arts herself. Anna studied for her Master in Herbology with the prestigious East West School of Planetary Herbology in CA. And holds the title of Community Herbalist. She has also continued her education and practice of other healing arts as well and it is her aim to touch people, to make them smile, to help them heal and become whole human beings.
What she said...
"A performance must be *hands on* and interactive. We must make sure that individuals are involved so they have something they can take home with them and use in their everyday lives. It is important to remember that in sharing the arts we are motivators, the influence and example for others. We can make the learning experience memorable and positive and great fun for each person and reach them even on a subconscious level. Life was made to be joyous! Try to share your joy with everyone you come into contact with. Thanks for supporting all of the arts." AMP
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Who is She Now? *the rest of the story*