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Owner / Founder Rev. A. M. Pohl

Corporate Biography
Rev. Anna M. Pohl knows your most valuable resource is people. They are your performers. How you invest in those performers has a direct impact on the success and growth of your business. Supporting self improvement and alternative methods for your performers, continues right to your bottom line. Anna has a profound effect on the moral, productivity and the wellness of people around the country. Morganthaler,BP America, Avery Dennison, WLF Fabricating, Peachey Keene Props and Productions, The Beck Center for the Arts and the City of Cleveland are a few of the organizations who have been impacted by the holistic viewpoint Anna brings to the table.

Rev. Anna's original innovative program "Get Healthy or Go Bankrupt" and it's sister program "Get healthy or Die" change the mindset and dynamics of everyone attending. Fun and entertianing they are filled with truly useful information leading to enlightening conversation and personal growth. As a Self Reliance Educator and Life Coach, she uses cutting edge self awareness training such as Practical Balancing of the 3 Life Components, Alternative health and wellness techniques originating in Planetary Herbology, Holistic Nutrition and the healing art Usui Reiki Roho.The powerful and informative knowledge her programs offer make your performers more confident, more coachable, more aware of your interest in their quality of life. Together all this culminates in a happier, healthier more educated workforce. As a result your people step out of "High Risk" health and into higher productivity, less absenteeism and a more powerful sense of self that carries over into every aspect of life. And your business reeps the benefits.

Known for her unstoppable tenaciousness in solving health issues, her depth of knowledge, unique education and vast experience mark her as outstanding in her fields. With $200 billion dollars being spent by companies annually for "preventable" health care alone it's time to change the health and wellness dynamic of your business. Rev. Anna M. Pohl gets unquestionable results in producing self improvements and changes that you can see.

An alumni of Lakeland Community College where she was a Music Major with a minor in Theater, Dance and Public Speaking Rev. Anna is also formally educated through the prestigious East West School of Herbology in California and is a certified Master/Teacher in the healing art of Usui Reiki Roho through the Universal Life Center in Pennsylvania. She is the Owner/Founder of OMG! Company and the Creator/owner of Ascending Spirit Field Ministry. A Member of the Madison / Perry Chamber of Commerce, she is also a contributor to Rainbow-Babies children's Hospital, and Forbes House having donated services and financial support. Rev. Anna M. Pohl is an Ordained Interfaith non-denominational Minister and as such has a unique take on the lives and needs of individuals. "It's important to learn and help a person from where they are now. If that is not accomplished little will be successful in getting them, or your business where they need to be" Other Credentials of Rev. Pohl

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