The Oh My Gosh! Co.
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Alternative Holistic Health and Healing Arts

Wellness, Healing and Oh My Gosh!
At The Oh My Gosh! Co. We want to help you become whole and happy people out there! Most people don't really think of being healed at all. Logically we know that health and healing are much more than skin deep. You can become the healthy, happy person you were meant to be and your family, friends even your pets will benefit. Read on and take advantage of our healing benefits now! Herbal Sessions Call direct 440-341-5004...Company Wellness click here

Fantastic as a relaxation session or a full blown healing session Reiki also works great in conjunction with other medical practices and healing methods. Many people relate it to massage because it's outstanding stress reducing effects. This noninvasive effortless healing method is perfect for sensitive patients and the healthful alike. A. M. Pohl is a certified Rieki Master Teacher and is ready to help you now. For more on Reiki and Sessions Click here or Call 440-341-5004

Astro-Numero Translation
Sounds mysterious doesn't it? Actually Astro-Numero Translation is a scientific method of connecting to your personal magnetic power. Midre' is the creator and instructor of the system. A. M. Pohl is a certified Royal Master in the technique which helps you to use information about the past, present and future to achieve balance in this lifetime. She is waiting to hear from you now. For Translations info. Click here or Call 440-428-2540

Ascending Spirit Field Ministry
As a freelance Interfaith Chaplain Rev. A. M. Pohl has the education and experience to make a real difference for you now. For more on Outreach Click here or Call 440-428-2540

Best freinds heal too