The Oh My Gosh! Co.
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Meet the Reverend
The Rev. Anna is from right here is Madison Ohio and is the proud Mother of a 7 year old boy. She is uniquely qualified for her work as she has not only studied with the finest mentors but also has years of experience that cannot be replaced. Along with those things listed below the Reverend has over 15 years working with the aged, the infirm and terminally ill as well as our Veterans. Volunteering in homes and hospice locations in Northeast Ohio she has hands on experience with the spiritual issues that occur in such circumstances. ------------------------------------- The Reverend also has a special interest and years of experience with our youth. She has worked in educational experiences in both Performing Arts and Spiritual circumstances with all ages. She has enjoyed using the techniques from such people as Mary Kate Warner, who's expertise is Sunday School Curriculum. Vast business accomplishments, variety in disciplines and experience with diverse backgrounds ethnic and community bases. ----------------------------------- The Reverend Anna is not only engaging but effective in producing a feeling of oneness and teamwork that while infectious and joyful calls people to act for improvement and change. With her slogan "Have God Will Travel" as her personal mantra the Reverend goes where ever someone calls. Be it visitations, working with staff and professionals or Spiritual Council the Reverend Anna is there to fill the needs that present themselves. The homeless, hungry and infirm all need us and so do "the average Joe's" who all have individual circumstances that need enough help to keep them moving forward. Where ever there is need the Reverend is available to help. The Reverend Anna will be schooling her son this year as he begins 2nd grade. "Being a Learning Coach for my son is the most exciting opportunity God has given me yet."