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The Outreach Project and Special Services
Why do we offer these services?
The Oh my Gosh! Co. cares about our communities, businesses, and families. This is why we developed the The Outreach Project. These programs reach out to centers and organizations presenting them with options for education, healing, and entertainment programs. Working with charity groups, foundations, hospitals, schools, senior centers and even some small businesses we present opportunities for fun and education not available from others. If you are looking for a unique way to provide exceptional services to your group, read on or call us now for more information. 440-341-5004 Learning is fun through the arts!
Come into the light with our Outreach Workshops! Small Business - Just for you!
Local Small Businesses (under 100 employees) get tired of being unable to explore new and innovative avenues because the speakers are too costly. You need Employee Health and Wellness Programs too. We all know how important moral and health are to our employees. We know that a healthy workforce improves productivity and adds up to great customer service and repeat customers. Through our Small Business Outreach Programs we can provide you with the needed education at a fraction of the cost! Contact us today about setting up your free consultation! Click here or Call us now! 440-341-5004
Love, Peace and Trust Yoga and Alternative Healing Arts
There are many ways people can be healthy. Mind, body and spirit all play a part in the sometimes complicated lives we live. While Hospitals and Doctors can achieve great things with people already stricken with problems and illness, there are thousands of people working at the other extreme preventing illness in any manner possible. The Oh My Gosh! Co. takes pride in our efforts helping prevent illness and dis-ease as well as pain and stress relief and assisting in the mind, body spirit balancing act that takes place with each one of us. Through Yoga, Reiki, Herbology and other healing techniques we are making a difference for you. Contact us today for Demonstrations and Lectures. Click here or Call us now! 440-341-5004
We offer Senior discounts for Reiki sessions.
Excellent for pain relief and relaxation as well as over-all health. We will travel to homes or hospital rooms for this non-invasive energy technique. Reiki is unique in that though it is usual it is not necessary to make contact the skin or body in order to accomplish healing. So even the most sensitive subjects are safe to relax and enjoy. Click here or Call us now! 440-341-5004
We offer Yoga and Reiki sessions to children and child patients at no charge.
Children love to feel better too. Yoga and Reiki sessions are wonderful for children. It isn't scary and we’ve been told they love how they feel when they are finished. We travel to hospital rooms or homes at parents discretion for this non-invasive energy technique or a soothing Yoga session. (An adult must be present to supervise these visits) Click here or Call us now! 440-341-5004
Children's education and the arts
We offer hands on education, motivational and safety programs for kids, schools, community and church groups. Your group may be eligible for special discounts on career day programs, shows and even on going set programs that are available. Click here to tell us what you need. Type "Kids show" in the subject window
The arts are the other good medicine. We offer Outreach in the Performing Arts
We work with other schools and companies like the Beck Center for the Arts, cities and communities to offer low or no cost to the public performing arts education. Click here or Call us now! 440-341-5004
Don't see what you need here?
Not to worry. We encourage growth in our communities. We can help you create the program that will meet your needs. Contact us today! 440-341-5004 Contact us here

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