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This is a good place to link to other web pages. They are in order of subject matter and follow with color patterns so that you can easily find the link you want. Performing Arts links (brick), Healing arts links (green), Clowning arts links (purple), other links (blue). Looking to contact us? Would you like to become one of our links? Click *contact us* in the menu above. or Call us with your questions 440-428-2540 Have Fun!
The Beck Center for the Arts
The Beck Center, located in Lakewood Ohio, has outstanding arts education and cultural art programing along with wonderful live theater and much more. Find out what they can offer you. Link to them above or call 216-521-2540 and tell Linda Sacket that Anna and The Oh My Gosh! Co. sent you.
Body Mind Spirit Directory
This site will help you find healing art of all kinds near you. You can use their vast data base to look by the state or the healing art you wish to find. Enjoy!
Univseral Life Healing Church and Spiritual Center
Your search for personal balance begins here. Though I am our local Reiki teacher here in Ohio, this is where I studied Reiki healing. You can learn about Reiki and many other healing methods on this site. This site includes in depth explanations, schedules of events and access to ministers and other certified practitioners in the healing arts. Also, if you are not from our area we may be able to help you find an instructor in your area. link above or call 724-864-8814 tell them that Anna and the Oh My Gosh! Co. sent you.
Peachey Keene Props
We all know that Peachey Keene is an international celebrity! However you may not have known that if you're looking for Entertainment Props this is the only place to go. Light weight and colorful, foam props are truly a way to Play Big and pack light. And wait 'til you see their online catolog. link above or call 724-632-5447 Tell Peachey Keene that Anna and the Oh My Gosh! Co. sent you.
Spear's Specialty Shoes
These are the only shoes for the professional. Spear's made shoes for the Grinch movie! So what do you think they'll do for you. I only wear Spear's Clown shoes and I know you're gonna Love 'em too. link above or call 1-413-739-5693 tell John and his family Anna and the Oh My Gosh! Co. sent you.
Sunshine and Company
Clown Costumes you say! They have never been more complicated. If you want the best constume for your money this is where you'll find it. These are the high quality and you can have yours made to your specifications or find yours among their outstanding selection of stock items. Link to them above or cakk 336-234-7000 Tell Tom and Kitty that Anna and the Oh My Gosh Co. sent you.

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