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Lectures, Workshops, Classes, Shows, Services
Do you hold children’s or non-profit organization events? Contact us about the Oh My Gosh! Outreach Project and Not for Profit Services. Low cost educational and entertainment programs for qualified groups! Contact us today! 440-341-5004
Programs for you and your Business. For Business Outreach contact us today! 440-341-5004

We offer specialized workshops and lectures for anyone who is just starting, those who know what they’re doing and those veterans who are looking to keep learning. Improve movement on stage, your character in small or large crowds or figure out tactics to ease and defuse the *hecklers* out there. The Healing Performance, Skits, Make-up, Working with Props, Clowning History 101, Face and Body Painting, Balloon sculpture, Beginnings in Mime and Movement, Improvisation, Strolling Arts and many more for all levels. Contact us Now to find out more! 440-341-5004

Here are a few of Popular Classes

Storytelling: Learn delivery and performance of a story and how to create your own stories from scratch. Also, learn what to do in storytelling for a specific event or in using a specific subject. Beginners and more advanced performers will benefit from this class. (Also available: Audience Participation Storytelling)

Performance Presence: Most people think of *stage presence* in terms of whether we get nervous before a performance or how we look on stage. While those things might be included, have you ever thought of the energy you put out or draw to yourself during a performance? What about the effect of that presence on your audience? And what does that awareness and use of energy mean to how you perform? In this workshop we will delve into these and other issues concerning your performance, how to improve your performance and how to use this awareness to place yourself more solidly into your character and your show.

Fill in the Holes!: This series brings professionalism itself into a new light. Getting to the very core of what you need to know. "Fill in the holes" does exactly that. For the advanced professional "Fill in the holes" introduces new concepts and ideas, ways to be more productive with your clients in and out of your program format. There are concepts showing the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Want to get to the real obstacles of your professional life? Take advantage of these entertaining and fun workshops today! 440-341-5004

Shows and Other Programs

We have shows, lectures and performances of every type and style you can imagine. If you're looking for Clowns, please click on our 'Clowning Arts' page In the menu above. We perform locally here in Ohio and all over the U.S.A. and other countries. If you are interested in a performance, we ask that you contact us so that we can fit the performer(s) and performance(s) specifically to your event. Be it Motivational programs, Safety and prevention programs, Clowns, Jugglers, Face-painters, Balloon Artists, Mimes, Movement groups, our Astro-Numero Translator, Improvisation Artists, Character Actors we have choices you’ll Love and work with you to match the most appropriate performers to your event or program. Contact us about your event, click on *contact us* in the menu bar at the top or call us now! 440-341-5004