The Oh My Gosh! Co.
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We are your Event and Wedding Coordinators!
The word itself indicates the importance of an occation. They make a difference in our businesses, our relationships and in our lives. Events can make or break a project and turn an ordinary day into the perfect dream come true.
Your event is as important to us as it is to you!

Sometimes it's the small events that make the big difference! We provide you with the services and resourses you need to complete the task at hand and make the impression you need to make. The Oh My Gosh! Co. will improve your event no matter the size. Call now for your appointment 440-341-5004

Experience you can trust.
When it comes to your event, you want counsel you can trust. It's most important that you have the best consultation you can find when planning and executing your event. With over 30 years of performing arts and entertainment experience and more than 13 years in event coordination the Oh My Gosh! Co. has the resources and services you can trust. Convensions, Workshops, Weddings, reunions, meetings and tradeshows go more smoothly when working with experienced professional services.

You have more options with The Oh My Gosh! Co.

Why are you waisting time and money organizing your event yourself? You can save time, work hours and aggravation by useing our services. Contact us by clicking on the "Contact us" area in the above menu. Find out how we can help you today! or call 440-341-5004 now!

Company Wellness is the single most important issue for businesses today! Schedule your wellness event asap!