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The Employee View of Wellness

THE BENEFITS TO EMPLOYEES: Why should they bother?

Employees are dissatisfied with their state of wellness. One of employee’s biggest complaints is that they “just don't feel like they used too". Stresses on the body and the Immune system, over work, fatigue, depression and many other factors contribute to a break down of health and balance. Avoiding exercise, bad diet, lack of sleep and ingesting foreign substances make it worse. Employees today want change that is fast, easy and "up to them". They want choices that let them feel great and be the balanced healthy people they know they can be.

So what will you do?

Introducing employees to traditional ways of getting fit are only part of the picture. And company incentives and "benefits" are necessary to keep employees attention too. But you need to effect real change in their growth and development if you expect the effects to last.

Alternative holistic health methods encourage self reliance, motivation and awareness. This is the key to creating the type of individual interest which makes health feel "necessary". Only then will they invest themselves and participate over time. Your employees become happier and healthier and this equals success for your business.

You want a healthy productive workforce on your side.