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Company Wellness: FYI
It's time to figure it out.
Don't wait another minute to see where your money is going.
You must decide to make a difference now! What are "preventable" health care costs?
"Preventable health care costs" are the costs of care given for health issues that could have been prevented before they reached the "point of no return". These costs are drowning our companies today. For example; Cardiovascular disease alone accounts for over 1.4 million deaths per year in the U.S., 40% of total deaths. (American Heart Association). Many of these were at one point preventable. And that means the costs of these health problems could have been prevented as well. Alternative methods and lifestyle changes have been proven cut these numbers and save lives.
Like it or not, you are your company's guard dog against over spending on health care.
For every person we educate and help to accomplish balance now, we potentially save thousands of dollars in later health care costs. Avoid "preventable health care costs". Create and improve your wellness programs now.